Print Articles

Spark Magazine

Issue 12: “Burlesque” pg. 126-127

Issue 10: “Somewhere in Mexico” pg. 146

Online Articles

Spark MagazineServing Looks

Spark MagazineGypsy Rose’s Life Behind Colored Bars

Spark MagazineGatekeeping Beauty: Vermeer’s Mystery

#SparkCares x Beautifully Loved — A Celebration of Love and Empowerment

Texas McCombs MBA Insider

First Look: Full-Time MBA Class of 2021

Laredo Morning Times

Where to get your avocado fix in the Gateway City | Here is the blog format on my site

Personal Blogs

Three things I wish I knew before I started taking photos

Weekly Tarot Advice Based on your Sign

Cream City Magazine

Issue 50: “The Art Makers” pg. 33

Rio Magazine

Issue 329: “Hecho a Mano Street Market” pg. 12-13
“Closing Thoughts & New Beginnings” pg. 24-25

Issue 328: “Navidad Fest” pg. 10-11
“The Art of Storytelling” pg. 22

Issue 327: “Hope Rocks!” pg. 4
“Carousel: Live at LCC!” pg. 10-11
“The Art of Surrealism” pg. 24-25

Issue 326: “Hecho a Mano: Dia de los Muertos Edition” pg. 6-7
“Palenque Grill Grand Opening” pg. 10
Love, Family, Thankfulness” pg. 22

Issue 325: “Caring Loving Giving” pg. 6-7
“Harnessing the Beauty of Laredo” pg. 30

Issue 324: “Dinner with Patience’s Jinich” pg. 10-11
“1st Annual Palos Garza Half Marathon” 12-13
“Runaway Lovers @ Cafe Dolce” pg. 14
“Love for Musical Theater” pg. 22

Issue 323: “Laredo Chamber of Commerce: Person of the Year” pg. 6
” LULAC’S 9th Annual Tailgating Cook Off” pg. 12-13
“Gelato Taking over the Town” pg. 28

Issue 322: “Fotoseptiembre @Gallery 201” pg. 6
“New Urbanism Film Fest” pg. 10-11
“Faith, Family and Finger-Licking Good BBQ” pg. 24

Issue 321: “Filmmaking with a Purpose” pg. 20

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